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How do you quote a tweet in an essay?

For example, what’s the difference between a retweet and quoted tweet? It’s really pretty simple. A retweet re-sends a tweet you’ve selected \u2014 as is \u2014 to your followers. While retweeting is faster, quoting a tweet allows you to add your comments and even modify the tweet (MT) if you chose.


Thereof, how do you quote a tweet in a paper?

Quote the tweet using an in-text citation. When quoting a tweet in the body of a paper, you should quote the full tweet or part of the tweet along with the author’s real name. You can give the author’s full name in the sentence or include the author’s last name in parentheses.

Furthermore, how do you cite a tweet in MLA 8? Works Cited: “Entire text of tweet.” Date and time of the message. Medium. If the author is unknown, just use the username. Tweet’s text: provide the entire text of the tweet in quotation marks, do not modify the text or capitalization.

Secondly, how do you cite a tweet?

Begin with the user’s Twitter handle in place of the author’s name. Next, place the tweet in its entirety in quotations, inserting a period after the tweet within the quotations. Include the date and time of posting, using the reader’s time zone; separate the date and time with a comma and end with a period.

How do you quote a tweet in a reply?

Yeah, behind the scenes a quote tweet is any tweet with a link to another tweet in it. So just start your reply and manually paste in the link to the tweet you want to quote.


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