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How do you teach perspective?

Here are four ways to teach perspective to elementary, middle, and high school students:

  1. Teach Problem-Solving.
  2. Keep a Reading Log.
  3. Change the Pronoun.
  4. Read Emotionally-Charged Books.

Similarly, what does Perspective Taking mean? Definition. Perspectivetaking is the process by which an individual views a situation from another’s point-of-view. Conceptual perspectivetaking is defined as the ability to comprehend and take on the viewpoint of another person’s psychological experience (i.e. thoughts, feelings and attitudes).

Here are some ways to develop your perspective taking skills: Consciously put aside your feelings so that you can concentrate only on the other person’s perspective. Do not approach the situation with a “mission” mindset. Always approach with curiosity.

Perspective taking can help you better understand what your boss is asking of you and to perform better in your job requirements. It will also lead to greater tolerance of your coworkers and appreciation for their work habits.


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