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How do you use the word gist in a sentence?

Gist in a Sentence ??

  1. Because Ken told his story in a confusing way, I could not get the gist of it.
  2. The first paragraph of the report should provide readers with the gist of the paper.
  3. Since I heard the gist of my neighbors’ argument, I knew exactly why they were fighting.

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Moreover, what is a sentence for gist?

(1) It is difficult to convey the gist of Reich’s ideas simply. (2) The gist of his argument is that full employment is impossible. (3) That was the gist of what he said. (4) I could follow the general gist of their conversation. (6) He related the gist of his conversation to Naseby.

Secondly, what does it mean to get the gist of something? the main idea or most important point of something that someone has written or said. get/catch the gist of something: I only got the gist of what he was saying.

Herein, how do you use the word gist?

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to Person 2: You don’t normally use gist when referring to something you’ve done: as the definitions say, it normally refers to the ‘meat’ “of something said or written”. As the two definitions taken together suggest, gist is normally used in the context of a speech, talk, or written article.

What does gist mean in texting?

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