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How does Daisy feel about Tom?

Tom and Daisy Buchanan have built a life and history together, so they are unwilling to leave each other. Tom has multiple affairs that he does not hide well from Daisy, but he enjoys having a beautiful, sociable wife. Daisy harbors love for Gatsby and knows Tom cheats on her, but she enjoys living a wealthy existence.


Similarly, it is asked, what does Daisy say about Tom?

Gatsby, refusing to be intimidated, tells Tom “Your wife doesn’t love you . . . She’s never loved you. She loves me.” Tom, in disbelief, turns to Daisy for confirmation. Daisy, however, cannot honestly admit she never loved Tom.

Likewise, how does Tom and Daisy feel about race? Answer: Tom believes white people are superior and should do everything in their power to prevent black people from taking over. Daisy’s behavior is ambiguous, but she does not seem to completely agree with Tom.

Consequently, is Daisy happy with Tom?

Tom and Daisy were not only concerned with the money, but everything that went along with being wealthy. Both of them do not have respect for anyone below their status. Despite having these commonalities, Tom and Daisy were never truly happy.

Why does Daisy go back to Tom?

Tom and Daisy are married. Daisy promised in front of God that she would stay with Tom “til death do them part.” Because of this promise, Tom becomes Daisy’s secret keeper. Because of these imbricated realities, she can never leave him.


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