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How does iZettle make money?

iZettle make money by charging a fee on each payment. Depending on the number and type of transactions made, the fee will range from 1% to 2.75%. The first £2,000 of card transactions every month will be charged at 2.75%


Simply so, what percentage does iZettle take?


Subsequently, question is, is iZettle any good? iZettle review: simple, yet feature-rich, card payments for small businesses. The wireless iZettle Reader accepts cards via any phone or tablet with the iZettle app. iZettle’s low-cost card reader and free payment app make it easy for entrepreneurs and small businesses to start taking cards. Highs: Excellent mobile app

Considering this, is there a monthly fee for iZettle?

Per default, iZettle charges 1.75% regardless of monthly card volume, so it’s fair to say that for a volume less than £1,500, this is the more competitive option.

Does iZettle charge for cash payments?

– When you accept a cash payment and process it via iZettle you don’t pay any fees, but remember that no money will be deposited to your bank account as no money is transferred between accounts in our system. You will then have the option to select cash as a payment method when making a sale (as show in Step 2 above).


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