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How does pool freeze protection work?

Freeze protection works with a sensor that measures the outside air temperature and turns on the pool pump when the low threshold is reached. More advanced pool controllers can also open any closed valves, and turn on other pumps, like booster pumps or waterfall pumps.


Also, how do I protect my pool from freezing?

Lower the water level to below the skimmer. Clear pipes and equipment of water using a blower or compressor and plug the pipes at the pool. Add swimming pool antifreeze to the lines to prevent freezing. Place a Gizzmo* (or similar device) in the skimmer to seal it and absorb pressure from ice.

Secondly, what temperature do you set pool freeze? You have to set the freeze protection setpoint, usually between 35 and 40 degrees F. You have to assign items to freeze protection. Your filter pump is normally assigned by default, but the other pumps are not.

Similarly, can a pool pump freeze?

A frozen pool pump can be caused by two different things. The first, and most common, is that the pump has not been winterized — totally drained of water — and has literally frozen because of low temperatures. This situation can be completely rectified and the pump will run again.

Do swimming pools freeze in the winter?

Ice, snow, freezing temperatures, and pools don’t mix very well. If your pool freezes up in the winter, you could have big problems on your hands.


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