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How does Prometheus relate to Frankenstein?

In Mary Shelley’s story, Viktor Frankenstein himself is represented as a modern Prometheus because he too is fascinated by electricity/lightning and its ability to give birth to a new creature. In Prometheus’s case, this creature is man, while for Frankenstein this creature is a “monster” brought back from the dead.

Likewise, how does the modern Prometheus relate to Frankenstein?

Mary Shelley’s 1818 masterpiece Frankenstein is famously subtitled The Modern Prometheus, after the Greek myth of the god Prometheus. This Greek god steals the sacred fire of Mount Olympus and gifts it to humanity. The supreme god Zeus condemns Prometheus to eternal punishment for his treachery against the gods.

One may also ask, how does this part of the myth relate to events in the novel Frankenstein? The myth relates to the novel of Frankenstein because Zeus created only man but later created a women. Frankenstein created a moster and later the moster wants a women so he creates a a women monster and she doesn’t even like the boy monster.

One may also ask, how are Prometheus and Frankenstein different?

Frankenstein. Both Frankenstein and Prometheus also suffer heavy tribulations because of their creations. The difference is that Prometheus was trying to help his creation while Frankenstein was trying to kill his. Both Victor Frankenstein and the Greek Titan Prometheus are attributed to creating life.

What is Galvanism and how does it relate to Frankenstein?

Galvanism is both the action of a muscle contracting after being stimulated by an electrical current and also inducing an electrical current during a chemical reaction. In Frankenstein, the theory is primarily focused on the first definition.


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