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How does the book the cay end?

Phillip grows to respect and love Timothy, and he manages to survive alone on the cay without him thanks to the lessons he has learned. It becomes a happy ending in more ways than one: Phillip is rescued, and he regains his sight after several operations.


Also asked, what happens in the book the cay?

Summary. The Cay is the suspenseful story of a young boy, handicapped by blindness and thrust into an unfamiliar environment, who is forced to grow up quickly. Young readers can identify with Phillip’s struggle for independence and his frustration in coping with situations over which he has virtually no control.

Also, what happens in chapter 13 of the cay? In Chapter 13 of The Cay, Phillip is growing more independent. He learns to fish by himself, he tells Timothy what he knows about how the cay could have gotten there, and he finally climbs the palm tree to get coconuts for them to eat.

Accordingly, how does Timothy die in the Cay?

Timothy dies after being injured and losing consciousness during a storm. During a terrible storm, Timothy ties Phillip to a tree as the waves crash over them. Timothy uses himself as a shield, placing Phillip between his body and the tree. The waves are violent, and he is in pain.

How did Phillip go blind in the Cay?

Phillip’s Blindness After a German torpedo hits the S.S. Hato, Phillip is injured and eventually goes blind. This disability forces him to depend on the West Indian man Timothy and see the world from his point of view.


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