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How high can a cherry picker go?

How high can a cherry picker reach? Within our fleet, the highest upwards a cherry picker can reach is 61 metres (200′).


Consequently, what is the tallest cherry picker?


Similarly, how much weight can a cherry picker lift? The largest machines, the Aichi 14 and Moog 230x, can both carry up to 1,000kg (157 stone and 6 lbs.) On average, the small to mid-sized machines can carry 200-230kg (31 stone 7 lbs to 36 stone 3 lbs.) As the machines get larger, they can carry more weight. Is there an operator weight limit on a cherry picker?

Moreover, do I need a Licence to drive a cherry picker?

With a standard car driving license, many models can be operated (if they are under 3.5 tons). If you choose a larger, specialist or HGV cherry picker, you’ll need to hire a fully trained operator in order to operate it.

Can you use a cherry picker on a slope?

You can use a cherry picker or scissor lift on a slope or gradient, as long as it was designed with this in mind. Look for a ‘gradeability’ number, it tells you how much gradient the machine can be safely operated on. Also very good are the Haulotte H16TPX and HA18PX, both able to handle 50% grades (26.5°).


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