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How long can a domestic goose live?

Canada goose: 10 – 24 years


Regarding this, can a goose live 100 years?

“Geese do not suffer from many health problems and can be quite long lived. There have been reports of geese attaining an age of over 100 years but frankly, I find that hard to believe. I know from personal experience, however, that they can live to 25 years of age or more when cared for properly.”

Likewise, how long can a goose? Canada goose: 75 – 110 cm Swan goose: 81 – 94 cm

Subsequently, question is, what’s the longest living goose?

According to Guinness World Records the oldest ever goose was a gander named George who lived to an age of 49 years and 8 months. He died in 1976 in Lancashire, England, at age 49, some 24 years older than the average old goose.

What are the longest living birds?

Laysan albatross: 65+ years and still living (the oldest living wild bird on record) Arctic tern: 34 years, 0 months. Brown pelican: 27 years, 10 months. Great horned owl: 27 years, 7 months.


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