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How long does an orchid plant live?

With good care and regular maintenance, an orchid plant may live for a lifetime — 100 years, or more.


Subsequently, one may also ask, do orchids live forever?

Orchids have a reputation for being difficult to grow when in fact many varieties make excellent house plants. With proper care an orchid can be in bloom for months each year and can live indefinitely.

Beside above, what do you do with an orchid after the blooms fall off? After the flowers drop from the orchid you have three choices: leave the flower spike (or stem) intact, cut it back to a node, or remove it entirely. Remove the flower spike entirely by clipping it off at the base of the plant. This is definitely the route to take if the existing stem starts to turn brown or yellow.

Likewise, how long does an orchid plant live indoors?

If you have a ‘regular orchid‘ (AKA a phalaenopsis), the blooms should last for about 2–3 months; if you bought it late in its bloom cycle, then you may get substantially less time.

Do orchids grow back?

Plants may bloom for months until spent flowers fall from plants. Since other orchid varieties will not bloom again from the same flower spike, you can cut their spikes back to the base of plants after flowers fall.


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