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How long does it take to get your insurance license in California?

You are required to complete your application and fingerprints, and receive your insurance license from the Department of Insurance within 12 months of passing your state insurance exam.


Likewise, how do I get my insurance license in California?

Here are the steps you need to cover to get your California insurance broker license.

  1. Pick a license type.
  2. Complete the pre-licensing requirements.
  3. Submit your fingerprints.
  4. Pass the licensing exam.
  5. Complete the licensing requirements.
  6. What is the California insurance broker bond and why do I need it?

Also Know, how much does it cost to get an insurance license in California? License Application If you wish to get your Property & Casualty AND your Life, Accident, & Health licenses, you will need to apply for each license separately, and pay the $170 fee each time. Fill out your online application on the California Department of Insurance FLASH web page.

Thereof, how long does it take to get your insurance license approved?

As other posts have noted, “how long” it takes to get a license varies by state. Most insurance licenses have a classroom requirement: For example, New York State’s insurance pre-licensing requirements are: Life & Accident & Health – 40 Hours (minimum 20 classroom hours)

Is it hard to get your insurance license?

Though it may seem somewhat overwhelming at first, preparing for and taking the state health and life insurance exam is NOT that difficult. In fact, most agents who take the exam admit that it was easier than they imagined.


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