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How many subjects are there in science?


In science stream, you have to take at least sixsubjects including one compulsory language. There aremany options for subjects like mathematics, biology,physics, chemistry, computer science, IT, electronics etc.The student should select the subjects that can lead themtowards their prospective career.


Likewise, people ask, what are the subjects for science?

The primary subjects in science stream arePhysics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and ComputerScience. Among other subjects, English is compulsorywhile the other language subject is left forchoice.

Additionally, how many sciences are there? Physical Sciences

  • There are just three subsets in the physical sciences:chemistry, physics, and astronomy.
  • Chemistry is the study of matter at the chemical level.
  • Physics is the study of matter in the perspective of energy andmotion.
  • Astronomy is the study of the world outside of this world.

Also Know, what are the 7 branches of science?

Terms in this set (7)

  • Astronomy- Astronomer. Study of planet, stars and theuniverse.
  • Ecology-Ecologist. How living things affect each other and theenvironment.
  • Chemistry-Chemist. Study of materials, chemicals andreaction.
  • Biology-Biologist.
  • Geology-Geologist.
  • psychology – Pshycologist.
  • physics – Physicist.

How many subjects are there in 11th science?

You basically have to study 5 main subjectscomprising of 4 compulsory subjects and 1 optionalsubject. Besides, CBSE offers two branches in sciencestream i.e. PCM= Physics+Chemistry+ Mathematics + English (Non-Medical stream).


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