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How many suitors does Penelope?


Just so, what book does Penelope trick the suitors?

Penelope of course engages in many ways to trick the suitors and prevent her having to decide to marry them, but one specific incident where she clearly tricks them into giving her gifts and wealth is in Book 18, when she is clothed in beauty thanks to the goddess Athena and uses that beauty to encourage the suitors to

Also, who does Penelope think killed the suitors? 12 from Ithaca, and names these: The SUITORS were killed either by Odysseus or by someone in his team, that is, Eumaeus 1, Philoetius or Telemachus.

Similarly, it is asked, what did the suitors do to Penelope?

Another Suitor, Antinous, wants to overthrow Telemachus and take over the palace. Basically, the suitors run rampant through Odysseus’ mansion, eating all of the food, slaughtering the livestock, and harassing Penelope for her hand in marriage.

What does Penelope tell Odysseus about the suitors?

Penelope reveals to the beggar that she does not like the suitors invading the castle and she is loyal to Odysseus and will wait for him. Penelope tricked the suitors for three years by telling them that when she finishes weaving a shroud she will get married. But she weaves during the day and unweaves it at night.


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