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How much did the bailout cost taxpayers?

The maximum cost of a $700 billion bailout would be $2,295 estimated cost per American (based on an estimate of 305 million Americans), or $4,635 per working American (based on an estimate of 151 million in the work force).


Just so, how much did the bank bailout cost UK taxpayers?

A bank rescue package totalling some £500 billion (approximately $850 billion) was announced by the British government on 8 October 2008, as a response to the ongoing global financial crisis.

Also, did taxpayers make money on the bailout? Taxpayers also made a killing on the vast majority of bank bailouts as well. The government turned a profit of more than $13.4 billion on its Citigroup (ticker: C) bailout. It also added $5 billion in profit from the American International Group (AIG) bailout, $4.5 billion from the Bank of America Corp.

Then, how much did AIG bailout cost taxpayers?

The Treasury said that it and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York provided a total $182.3 billion to AIG, which paid back a total $205 billion, for a total positive return, or profit, to the government of $22.7 billion. In addition, AIG sold off a number of its own assets to raise money to pay back the government.

Was the 2008 bailout paid back?

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 created the TARP program. TARP recovered funds totalling $441.7 billion from $426.4 billion invested, earning a $15.3 billion profit or an annualized rate of return of 0.6% and perhaps a loss when adjusted for inflation.


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