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How much do Varilux progressive lenses cost?

Lens Price List

Single Vision Lenses
Plastic Lighter and safer than glass $34.00
Premium Progressive Lenses
Varilux Comfort® DRX View Details $139.00
Varilux Comfort® W2+ View Details $159.00


Moreover, how much should progressive lenses cost?

Depending on brand name, standard progressive lenses range in price from $175-250 for the base lenses. Standard progressive lenses will give you a fairly wide reading area, but require a certain sized frame to allow enough vertical height to give a smooth transition from distance vision down to reading.

Also, what is the best brand of progressive lenses? Popular progressive high-definition lenses for correcting presbyopia include:

  • Hoyalux iD MyStyle (Hoya Vision Care)
  • Seiko Supercede (Seiko Optical Products of America)
  • Shamir Autograph II (Shamir Insight)
  • Varilux Physio DRx (Essilor of America)
  • Sola HDV (Carl Zeiss Vision)

Also question is, how much do high index progressive lenses cost?

These are the thinnest plastic lenses. These high index lenses cost between $165 for clear single vision and $295 for progressive, dark gray or brown tinted lenses with all the coatings. They do not come in Transitions.

How much do progressive lenses cost at Walmart?

The lenses at Walmart start at $70. And if you want higher index lenses, bifocal lenses, progressive lenses or free form progressive lens, you have to pay more. Coating will also cost some money.


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