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How much is Kaplan SAT course?

Kaplan SAT Review Pricing

The prices really range when it comes to Kaplan SAT course packages. You can start as low as $299 for the Self-Paced course package, but most students go with the Live Online course package for $899.


In respect to this, how much does an SAT prep course cost?

Instructor-led SAT prep classes typically cost $75-$1,000. For example, Princeton Review[6] offers SAT Classroom, an 18-hour course focusing on frequent test components and the essentials for $600, at locations across the U.S. A more in-depth, 30-hour review course is offered for $1,000.

what is the best SAT prep course? The 5 Best SAT Prep Courses

  • PrepScholar Classes.
  • Kaplan In-Person SAT Prep.
  • The Princeton Review SAT Ultimate Classroom.
  • Prep Expert 6-Week Flagship SAT Prep Course.
  • Ivy Bound SAT Math & Verbal Online.

Also to know, is Kaplan a good SAT prep class?

Kaplan SAT Book – Full Review. Kaplan is a giant in SAT prep, but that doesn’t mean its prep materials are good. In fact, they tend to be far from excellent.

Are SAT prep courses worth it?

SAT scores represent the same thing for everyone. That said, there are many situations in which SAT test prep would NOT be worth the money: Your top choice colleges are test-optional (see test-optional colleges). As a result, they don’t require SAT or ACT scores.


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