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How much is the original DS worth?

Based on the average price of units sold on eBay over the past few months, this is what Nintendo DS consoles are actually selling for: Nintendo DS: $23. Nintendo DS Lite: $33. Nintendo DSi: $25.


In this regard, how much is a DS game worth?

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Nintendo DS PriceCharting Index

Title Loose Price New Price
Pokemon HeartGold Version $49.99 $225.74
Shepherd’s Crossing 2 $119.12 $349.99
The Dark Spire $44.99 $106.38
Retro Game Challenge $28.45 $79.99

Likewise, will Nintendo DS go up in value? Short answer: Gameboy: Yes, DS= Depends but probably No. If you had the first Gameboy, still in its box, then there is a good chance its mint condition will get a good price in the next 10 years.

Accordingly, how much is a Nintendo DS XL worth?

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The Nintendo DSi currently has an MSRP of $149 while the DSi XL is $169, which seems ridiculous considering the more powerful but more battery-challenged Nintendo 3DS now costs $169.

How much is a Gameboy worth?

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GameBoy PriceCharting Index

Title Loose Price CIB Price
Pokemon Yellow $19.85 $64.95
Original Gameboy System $31.27 $104.83
Pokemon Red $22.88 $80.04
Pokemon Blue $18.13 $89.87


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