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Inverse Youth (2018) – Dramacool

An inspirational story about students at the sports institute follows Tong Tong, a hot-blooded teenager who has a knack for playing football. Along with other students from different majors who are faced with an unpredictable future, each of them bravely runs against the wind to embrace their youth.

Cheng Tong Tong is a student who does odd jobs for the amateur sports team. He is exceptionally gifted as he can easily kick a football across an incredible distance. The new football coach at the sports institute recruits him to the team and gains him special admission to the class. Tong Tong’s new life places him side by side with his new deskmate Chen Ya Ting. Their relationship gradually evolves from little quarrels to a solid friendship. Tong Tong also makes friends with Chen Zhong and Shang Hai Rui. He also captures the heart of school goddess Xia Yu. Through his experiences, he starts to walk out of the haze and grows to become more optimistic and cheerful.

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~~ Adapted from a web novel of the same name by Yue Cai Kun (岳彩坤).

  • Native Title: 逆青春
  • Also Known As: Reverse Youth , Huan Le Ti Yu Ren Zhi Ni Qing Chun , Fun Lok Tai Yuk Yan Ji Yik Cheng Cheun , 欢乐体育人之逆青春 , 歡樂體育人之逆青春
  • Director: Ying Ning
  • Genres: Romance, School, Youth, Sports
  • Cast & Credits

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    • Meng Yan Sen

      Cheng Tong Tong

      Main Role

    • Zhang Pan Liang Zi in Inverse Youth Chinese Drama (2018)
      Zhang Pan Liang Zi

      Chen Ya Jing

      Main Role

    • Ma Qian Qian in Inverse Youth Chinese Drama (2018)
      Ma Qian Qian

      Xia Yu

      Support Role

    • Chen Ke Fan in Inverse Youth Chinese Drama (2018)
      Chen Ke Fan

      Li Ze

      Support Role

    • Qiu Bai Hao in Inverse Youth Chinese Drama (2018)
      Qiu Bai Hao

      Chen Zhong

      Support Role

    • Xi Mei Li in Inverse Youth Chinese Drama (2018)
      Xi Mei Li

      Ren Qingqing

      Support Role


    • Score: 8.9 (scored by 3 users)
    • Ranked: #54754
    • Popularity: #99999
    • Watchers: 64


    • Drama: Inverse Youth
    • Country: China
    • Episodes: 12
    • Aired: Oct 8, 2018 – 2018
    • Duration: 35 min.
    • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

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