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Is African mahogany a hardwood?

African Mahogany, Khaya spp

Today this is the most widely used wood called “mahogany”. It is not related to South American Mahogany but has a similar look and even though it is more brittle it has acceptable working properties.


Regarding this, what is African mahogany used for?

African mahogany has been used in the United States as a mahogany for more than 100 years. The woods being used as an alternative to genuine mahogany today are African mahogany, sapele, and sipo/utile.” African mahogany is used for fine furniture, cabinetry, large millwork jobs, panelling and boatbuilding.

Furthermore, is African mahogany rot resistant? African mahogany (Khaya spp.) has attracted the interest of the timber market in Brazil because of the quality of the wood and the similarity to the highly demanded, Brazilian mahogany (S. senegalensis heartwood had the highest resistance to both brown- and white-rot fungi as well as to the dry-rot fungus tested.

Also, is Mahogany considered a hardwood?

Mahogany is a straight-grained, reddish-brown timber of three tropical hardwood species of the genus Swietenia, indigenous to the Americas and part of the pantropical chinaberry family, Meliaceae.

Is African mahogany Food Safe?

African mahogany is one of our hardest and most luxurious woods. Each cutting board is meticulously made by hand from locally-sourced, individually-chosen pieces of wood and 100% foodsafe materials.


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