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Is City of Ember fantasy?

City of Ember is a 2008 American science fiction adventure film based on the 2003 novel The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau.


In this regard, is the City of Ember a fantasy book?

The City of Ember is a post-apocalyptic primary-to-middle-grade science fiction novel by Jeanne DuPrau that was published in 2003. The story is about Ember, a city threatened by aging infrastructure. In 2008, the book was adapted into a film by Walden Media and Playtone.

Beside above, is the City of Ember a dystopia? Truly subterranean. Based on a novel by Jeanne Duprau, “City of Ember” is a dystopian movie for kids about an underground city built, as one concludes from a sketchy preface, during some kind of apocalyptic disaster on Earth’s surface.

People also ask, what type of book is The City of Ember?

Science Fiction Children’s literature Young adult fiction Doomsday Fantasy Fiction

What point of view is City of Ember?

Point of View The story is written in the third person but from a limited perspective. The point of view alternates between Doon Harrow and Lina Mayfleet.


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