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Is Dr Bellows house the same as Bewitched?

Yes, the are in fact the same houses, but they are not the same inside. This is because the sets for both the Stevens’ and the Bellows‘ homes where in a studio. In the second season episode “One of Our Bottles is Missing” the interior of the Bellows‘ home is the “Bewitched” set.

Keeping this in consideration, where is the house from Bewitched located?

Bewitched House – 1164 Morning Glory Circle. The house we have all come to know and love as Darrin & Samantha’s still stands today (the exterior) at the Warner Brothers Ranch (originally Screen Gems/Columbia), West Oak Street in Burbank, California.

Subsequently, question is, what channel is bewitched on? American Broadcasting Company

Then, what controversial ended Bewitched?

Ultimately, Montgomery decided against doing it. The show ended on March 25, 1972 and Darrin, Samantha, and Endora were never seen again. The final episode, “The Truth, Nothing But The Truth, So Help Me, Sam” isn’t a particularly special one and is actually a remake of a 1965 episode called “Speak the Truth.”

Who were the two Darren’s on Bewitched?

Another young man named Dick Sargant was immediately hired to replace Dick York as “Darrin number 2.” The legions of Bewitched fans who tuned in were surprised at the switch and the ratings plummeted. Vaguely resembling Dick York, Dick Sargent played Darrin with a more defiant attitude toward his witchy in-laws.


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