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Is dual citizenship allowed in South Korea?

Current policy. In 2010, the South Koreangovernment legalized dual citizenship for some SouthKoreans who have acquired anothernationality/citizenship, as well as foreigners wholived in South Korea for five years (two years if married toa South Korean). Foreign marriage migrants.


Correspondingly, can you be a dual citizen of US and South Korea?

Q: I am a U.S. citizen/dualcitizen(Korea/U.S.) and have been living inKorea. A: Unless a person voluntarily renounces theirU.S. citizenship in person at the Embassy after the age of18, one does not lose their U.S.citizenship.

Likewise, how can I get citizenship in South Korea? To obtain Korean citizenship, you must be borninto it or go through naturalization. To be born into aKorean citizen, at least one parent ! That’s right, one nottwo must be a Korean citizen. To become a citizen throughnaturalization there are a certain guidelines one mustfollow.

does South Korea allow triple citizenship?

The law does not allow South Koreans toobtain other citizenships as adults. However, expats living inSouth Korea who obtain citizenship — includingthrough the country’s immigrant investor program — canretain their birth citizenship.

Can an American become a Korean citizen?

Yes, it is possible for one to immigrate to Koreaand obtain Korean citizenship, even though Korea isnot known as a popular immigration destination. There are largelythree ways obtaining Korean citizenship: Generalnaturalization, simplified naturalization, and specialnaturalization.


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