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Is HL Spanish hard?

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While Spanish B HL is the easiest foreign language, Spanish Ab initio is the hardest according to our calculations! The average score isn’t the lowest in the world, and a surprisingly high amount of students actually got a 7 in this course, but the most common score is a 4, so best to go with another language!


Just so, is HL math hard?

Math HL is a lot more difficult compared to the other subjects in terms of breadth and depth since you can’t just memorize the content and do well. Some people who take Math HL aren’t good at Maths, but they still take it since they want to engineering/some other field that requires Math HL.

Similarly, is IB design technology hard? At a glance, it appears that Design Technology has the lowest percentage of students scoring 7s. It is difficult however, to say that it is the most difficult, because of the drastically smaller number of students taking the subject. Furthermore, it may be a subject chosen by students less competent at the sciences.

Subsequently, one may also ask, is IB Economics HL hard?

IB economics is not a hard class content wise. However, the exams require you to have an extremely in-depth understanding of the material for full credit ( aka a decent grade). But, on the bright side, HL economics will prepare for the style of questions in college.

How hard is it to get a 7 in HL Math?

The percentage of students scoring a 7 in HL Maths is one of the least, and even though the grade boundaries are very low, it isn’t easy to get a 7. However, that being said, it is possible to score a 7, all it requires is passion for maths, along with a lot of practice of exam questions.


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