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Is Hydrogen considered an alkali metal?

The alkali metals include: lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, cesium, and francium. Although often listed in Group 1 due to its electronic configuration, hydrogen is not technically an alkali metal since it rarely exhibits similar behavior.

In this regard, why is hydrogen not considered an alkali metal?

Hydrogen is not an alkali metal itself, but has some similar properties due to its simple one proton (loctated in the nucleus), one electron arrangement. The lone electron exists in a s -orbital around the nucleus. For lithium, there are two 1 s electrons in an inner orbit and one 2 s electron in the outer orbit.

Likewise, is Hydrogen considered a metal or non metal? Hydrogen is a nonmetal and is placed above group in the periodic table because it has ns1 electron configuration like the alkali metals. However, it varies greatly from the alkali metals as it forms cations (H+) more reluctantly than the other alkali metals.

Hereof, what family does hydrogen belong to?

Hydrogen is a very special element of the periodic table and doesn’t belong to any family. While hydrogen sits in Group I, it is NOT an alkali metal.

Is hydrogen halogen or alkali metal?

Whilst hydrogen does not exactly fit in group 1 as an “alkali metal” , it absolutely cannot be a halogen. Firstly,electronegativity decreases as you go down the periodic table, and the element becomes more and more metallic. Hydrogen would have to be more electronegative than fluorine should it be a halogen.


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