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Is it difficult to learn Gaelic?

“German is easy to learn at the start, but gets very difficult once you’re better at it; Gaelic is difficult to learn at the start, but very easy once you’re better at it.” Despite what people say, Irish is not inherently more difficult to learn than other languages.

Also to know is, is Gaelic a dying language?

Gaelic doomed as speakers die out. It is one of the oldest languages in Europe and a symbol of Scottish nationhood, but the millions spent keeping Gaelic alive have been wasted according to a new study. By the end of the century, Gaelic will be extinct.

Similarly, how long does it take to learn Irish? Irish is level two with about 1,100 class hours on average. Beside that you need to do 3 to 4 hours outside class for each hour in. So for French a total of 2,400 — 3,000 hours. For Irish 4,400 — 5,500 hours.

In this manner, is it hard to learn Scottish Gaelic?

For native English speakers, Scottish Gaelic is no more difficult or “hard” to learn than other western European languages – in essence. To learn gaelic, you’ll need to learn its orthography, its spelling system, which uses the same alphabetic letters to represent the pronunciation differently from English.

Is it worth learning Irish?

So, yes, the push to promote Irish in Ireland (and abroad) is a futile one. But it’s still worth the fight. As a teacher at the Irish American Heritage Center said to me recently, you learn Irish for the same reason you learn any other language: because you want to.


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