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Is it rude to invite someone to a shower and not the wedding?

The short answer is, you should not invite anyone to your shower who will not be invited to the wedding. Your shower is an intimate gathering of some of the closest women (and men if you choose) in your life, and if anyone makes the cut for your shower, they should also be close enough to you to get a wedding invite.


Consequently, who should be invited to a wedding shower?

A bridal shower is a more intimate affair of your closest friends and relatives on both side of the aisle. You do not have to invite the plus ones of friends invited to the wedding, co-workers and acquaintances of your parents. You also don’t have to invite friends of your future spouse unless you’re close to them too.

how much to give if you are not invited to the wedding? However, if you are not invited to a wedding, you are not obligated to give a gift to the couple. If you want to give them a gift, then by all means do. There are no rules prohibiting you from such a nice gesture. I can think of several scenarios in which this situation might arise.

Likewise, how do you politely not invite someone to your wedding?

Don’t take it too personally if you weren’t invited.” Thank the uninvited guest for the wedding gift, but don’t feel pressure to address the noninvitation. Think of other ways to include the noninvited guests in your celebration. Be gentle with people’s feelings.

Can you have a bridal shower if you are having a small wedding?

A: Generally, we say that those who are invited to a wedding shower should also be invited to the wedding. But since you are having such a tiny wedding, the rules change a bit. In this case your shower will serve as a way to celebrate your upcoming marriage with those you cannot invite to your wedding.


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