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Is Niall Horan a natural blonde?

Niall James Horan is not a natural blonde. Niall Horan started dying his hair when he was 12. His natural hair color is that of his root in oresent time.


People also ask, what color is Niall Horan natural hair?

One Direction singer Niall Horan has debuted a new look – he’s now got brown hair. The 23-year-old star was out and about in LA with his brunette do, his blond highlights having almost fully grown out.

Likewise, who is the blonde in one direction? Niall Horan Is No Longer Blonde & One Direction Fans Can’t Handle It. One Direction no longer has a blue-eyed blondie: Niall Horan is officially a brunette. Dubbed “unrecognizable” by some fans, the “This Town” singer debuted his new look while attending the Larry King Hairdressing Salon launch party Wednesday.

Subsequently, question is, did Niall Horan have braces?

Niall had clear braces, which are much pricier than the standard metal version most teenagers have. The singer’s teeth aren’t only straighter, they are also much whiter than when he found fame and contestants on the X Factor are usually treated to a teeth whitening treatment during the latter stages of the show.

What color are Niall Horan’s eyes?

sea blue


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