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Is pressure and volume directly proportional?

For a fixed mass of an ideal gas kept at a fixed temperature, pressure and volume are inversely proportional. Or Boyle’s law is a gas law, stating that the pressure and volume of a gas have an inverse relationship. If volume increases, then pressure decreases and vice versa, when temperature is held constant.

Also question is, why is pressure inversely proportional to volume?

Boyle’s Law is a relationship between pressure and volume. In this relationship, pressure and volume have an inverse relationship when temperature is held constant. If there is a decrease in the volume there is less space for molecules to move and therefore they collide more often, increasing the pressure.

Subsequently, question is, what is the mathematical relationship between pressure p and volume V )? K is a constant? Since P and V are inversely proportional, a graph of 1/P vs. V is linear. with k being a constant. Graphically, this relationship is shown by the straight line that results when plotting the inverse of the pressure (1P ) versus the volume (V), or the inverse of volume (1V ) versus the pressure (P).

In this way, how does pressure affect volume?

The Relationship between Pressure and Volume: Boyle’s Law As the pressure on a gas increases, the volume of the gas decreases because the gas particles are forced closer together. Conversely, as the pressure on a gas decreases, the gas volume increases because the gas particles can now move farther apart.

Why are temperature and volume directly proportional?

If temperature and pressure are kept constant, then the volume of the gas is directly proportional to the number of molecules of gas. If the temperature and volume remain constant, then the pressure of the gas changes is directly proportional to the number of molecules of gas present.


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