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Is Rummycircle banned in Telangana?

Although rummy is allowed in most parts of India, states like Telangana have banned the game. The game is forbidden from being played online, neither can you win money by playing it. The only way to play rummy is to do it offline with friends, without playing with money.


In respect to this, why is RummyCircle banned in Telangana?

Contradicting its own policy of drawing investments in the gaming industry, Telangana Government has banned online rummy in the state and anyone who plays online rummy will be liable for prosecution and those promoting the game will be punished too under a new law.

Furthermore, why is Ace2Three banned in Telangana? Not only rummy circle and ace2three ban in Telangana others Rummy Onlineplaying sites is also ban in Telanagna because Telangana government passed an ordinance banning game in cyber space and clarifing rummy is a game of chance not skills.

Subsequently, one may also ask, is RummyCircle legal in Telangana?

Rummy has been declared as a skill-based game by the Honorable Supreme Court of India and it is completely legal to play online rummy with cash. However, its illegal to play cash Rummy in Kerala, Assam, Orissa and Telangana.

Is Rummy Circle banned in Andhra Pradesh?

So the Gaming Act would be amended, banning online gambling. Two years ago, Andhra Pradesh High Court also upheld that Rummy is a game of skill, and was within the framework of the Constitution. This was followed by a Supreme Court order in 2015 on the same issue, that also ruled that online rummy was not illegal.


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