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Is Skyrim safe for kids?

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is a perfectly fine game for ages 8+. As you may have seen is that common sense media rated the game with “Strong Raping”. This game is very entertaining as well as interesting, if your children want this go ahead and get it for them.


Beside this, is Skyrim ok for 10 year old?

Skyrim isn’t suitable for children. They don’t have the patience to level Smithing and Alchemy up to 100. You also said you had three children.

can your children die Skyrim? Children cannot be killed, injured, or knocked unconscious, nor can they be pickpocketed. However, when hit, a child’s name and health will pop up, but the child will still be at full health. Additionally, children will run away when hit.

Moreover, can a 13 year old play Skyrim?

Skyrim can be pretty safe for a 12 year old to use. So long as you do not mind splatters of blood and blood soaked weapons. There is some minor cursing in the game but nothing so severe that your brothers young mind could be corrupted. If he has played Halo then yes he’s very suitable for Skyrim!

Is Skyrim ok for 14 year olds?

This game is appropriate for a 14 yearold. Given its fantasy setting, most of the killing involves trolls, giants, and/or other non-human enemies. While blood is present, the game is by no means gory and contains much less violence than most games.


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