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Is the Surface Pro waterproof?

aXtion Pro M for the new Surface Pro 6 | 5 | 4 is an industrial grade case designed to protect your tablet in the most unpredictable environments. With an IP68 waterproof rating the aXtion Pro M has been tested to withstand continuous submersion underwater at a depth of 3.3ft (1m) for up to 30 minutes.

Also know, what is special about Microsoft Surface?

It offers a range of processors, from the entry-level Intel Core M to the high-end Intel Core 7, a touchscreen display, support for pen input and more. It even has a built-in kickstand, so you can work or watch movies without the keyboard attached.

Secondly, why is surface laptop so expensive? Because Microsoft realized that the race to the bottom on prices in PC hardware has led to the vast majority of Windows PCs being considered total junk. They noticed that the premium market, and the vast majority of the profits as well, were being ceded to Apple as a result.

Hereof, why should I buy Microsoft Surface?

Most computer manufacturers create computers, including Microsoft Windows tablets, as cheaply as possible. By coming up with the lowest price tag, they hope to undercut their competitors. The rugged but lightweight casing gives the tablet a solid feel. The Surface includes a built-in kickstand.

Should I buy a Surface Pro or a laptop?

The big difference is one of preference. The Surface Laptop is, well, a laptop. You’re familiar with it, and it’s great on both your lap and a desk. The Surface Pro isn’t as sturdy on your lap, thanks to its kickstand, but is easier to draw or write on and can be used as a tablet.


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