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Zuo Qing Ci is the son of a Marquis who hides his noble roots to travel to Jianghu as a physician. He is searching for the missing scroll of the mountain river painting, a precious treasure that belongs to the Imperial Courts. He meets a bandit named Fek Kou Er. Her background is a mystery and she wears a disguise as she goes on a mission to save her master. When it is revealed that she is actually Su Yun Luo, the young miss of the Zhengyang Palace, she becomes a target of attack. Zuo Qing Ci does not hesitate to save her even if it means being caught in the chaos.
At this time, the Marquis manor is framed by Wei Ning Hou forcing Zuo Qing Ci to get involved in the affairs of the nation. Su Yun Luo accompanies him in his investigation which leads them to discover a secret from many years ago. They go to the ends of the earth together as lovers and comrades, as they shoulder the burdens of the country, to bring down the enemy and restore justice.


~~ Adapted from the novel “One Inch of Yearning” by Zi Wei Liu Nian.

  • Native Title: 少年游之一寸相思
  • Also Known As: Yi Cun Xiang Si , One Inch of Yearning , Shao Nian You: Yi Cun Xiang Si , An Inch of Lovesickness, , Shao Nian You Zhi Yi Chuan Xiang Si
  • Screenwriter: Wu Tong
  • Director: Mao Kun Yu
  • Genres: Historical, Mystery, Romance, Wuxia
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    • Score: 7.9 (scored by 893 users)
    • Ranked: #1855
    • Popularity: #1955
    • Watchers: 4,530


    • Drama: Love in Between
    • Country: China
    • Episodes: 43
    • Aired: Jun 8, 2020 – Jul 6, 2020
    • Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
    • Original Network: Tencent Video, Youku
    • Duration: 45 min.
    • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

    • Gala Zhang in Love in Between Chinese Drama (2020)
      Gala Zhang

      Zuo Qing Ci

      Main Role

    • Zhang Ya Qin in Love in Between Chinese Drama (2020)
      Zhang Ya Qin

      Su Yun Luo/Fei Kou Er

      Main Role

    • Zhou Ting Wei in Love in Between Chinese Drama (2020)
      Zhou Ting Wei

      Wen Si Yuan [Shan Shui Du Master]

      Main Role

    • Deng Yu Li in Love in Between Chinese Drama (2020)
      Deng Yu Li

      Shen Man Qing [Zheng Yang Palace]

      Main Role

    • Sean Zheng in Love in Between Chinese Drama (2020)
      Sean Zheng

      Yin Chang Ge [Zheng Yang Palace]

      Main Role

    • Shi Yun Peng in Love in Between Chinese Drama (2020)
      Shi Yun Peng

      Zhu Yan

      Main Role

    Love in Between (2020) photo
    Love in Between (2020) photo
    Love in Between (2020) photo
    Love in Between (2020) photo
    Love in Between (2020) photo
    Love in Between (2020) photo

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