Have you ever wondered why there is fever and pain in the arm after getting the vaccine?

Have you ever wondered why there is fever and pain in the arm after getting the vaccine?

After getting the corona vaccine, one thing is becoming common with everyone, which is the pain of the hands. This symptom is being found common among the side effects of the vaccine. Almost everyone has pain in their hands after getting the vaccine. In some people, there is an unbearable pain that lasts for about a week. But have you ever wondered why this happens? So let us tell you.

This is also one of the side effects of the vaccine, which is also called the ‘covid arm’ in the language of science. Actually what happens is that when the vaccine is injected into our body, then our brain feels that the body is hurt. Immune cells reach through blood vessels to heal that wound. Inflammation of immune cells occurs during this process. This is exactly the same as when any part of our body gets hurt, blood starts coming out. Inflammation of the immune cells causes pain in the arm.

Experts call this reaction of the vaccine ‘reactogenicity’. This pain and feeling are caused by the mRNA vaccine. You must have noticed that there is not that much pain in the arm when applying tetanus or another vaccine, because that vaccine is made through the DNA process. The vaccine liquid also causes a burning sensation in the muscles for some time. However, this pain is temporary. But this can affect your routine.

Due to the inflammation in the body after the vaccine, there is burning, swelling, itching, fever in the body for a few days. This happens because of the immune system’s fighting process against the virus. Doctors say that sharp pain in the arm indicates that your vaccine is working as it should.

According to health experts, if the body is feeling more pain and swelling, then it means that the vaccine is doing its job well. She is developing antibodies in your body.

If you are feeling more pain after getting the vaccine, then you can get relief from pain by adopting home remedies. Warm or cold water provides relief at the vaccine site. You get relief only by applying ice. If the pain in the hands does not subside after a week, then you should consult a doctor.

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