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Persona is a an anthology series containing 4 different parts. Each part directed by different directors tells separate stories starring IU as the lead.
“Love Set”, directed by Lee Kyung Mi, follows an intense tennis match between IU and Doo Na. The stakes of the match are high for both women.
“Collector”, directed by Im Pil Sung, tells the story of an alluring woman, Eun, who loves to seduce men and a man willing to do anything for her love.
“Kiss Burn”, directed by Jeon Go Woon, depicts the many attempts at revenge made by two school girls, Han Na and Hye Bok, on Hye Bok’s unreasonable father.
Shot in black and white, “Walking at Night”, directed by Kim Jong Kwan, recounts the sorrowful story of two former lovers who go for a walk in the man’s dream, reminiscing on their love and saying things they do not have the chance to in real life.
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  • Native Title: 페르소나
  • Also Known As: Love Set , Collector , Kiss Burn , Walking at Night
  • Screenwriter & Director: Im Pil Sung, Kim Jong Kwan, Lee Kyung Mi, Jeon Go Woon
  • Genres: Thriller, Drama
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    • Score: 7.2 (scored by 6,297 users)
    • Ranked: #5134
    • Popularity: #791
    • Watchers: 11,990


    • Drama: Persona
    • Country: South Korea
    • Episodes: 4
    • Aired: Apr 11, 2019
    • Original Network: Netflix
    • Duration: 20 min.
    • Content Rating: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)

    • IU in Persona Korean Drama (2019)

      IU | Eun | Han Na | Ji Eun

      Main Role

    • Bae Doo Na in Persona Korean Drama (2019)
      Bae Doo Na

      Doo Na (Ep.1)

      Support Role

    • Kim Tae Hoon in Persona Korean Drama (2019)
      Kim Tae Hoon

      Tae Hoon [IU’s Father] (Ep.1)

      Support Role

    • Pierce Conran in Persona Korean Drama (2019)
      Pierce Conran

      [IU’s boyfriend] (Ep. 1)

      Support Role

    • Park Hae Soo in Persona Korean Drama (2019)
      Park Hae Soo

      Baek Jeong U [Eun’s Boyfriend] (Ep.2)

      Support Role

    • Bae So Young in Persona Korean Drama (2019)
      Bae So Young

      Ji Soo (Ep. 2) Collector

      Support Role

    Persona (2019) photo
    Persona (2019) photo
    Persona (2019) photo
    Persona (2019) photo
    Persona (2019) photo
    Persona (2019) photo

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