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Sumika Sumire (2016) – Dramacool

Kisaragi Sumi is a 20-year-old university student. But do not be surprised that she is a 65-year-old inside. Under pressure to help out with the family business from a young age, she could not have a youth. Even afterwards, she devoted her entire life to taking care of first her grandmother and then her father and mother. Sumi finds herself turning 65 without ever having had a boyfriend. She takes a little pride in having lived with integrity. But after her mother passes away, she has the sudden thought of regaining her youth once more and making a fresh start in life. A miracle happens to her. One day when Sumi wakes up, she has the appearance of a 20-year-old! Despite being bewildered by this unbelievable reality, she introduces herself as Sumire and gets another try at youth.

~~ Adapted from the manga “Sumika Sumire” (スミカスミレ) by Takanashi Mitsuba (高梨みつば).

  • Native Title: スミカスミレ
  • Also Known As:
  • Director: Imai Kazuhisa
  • Screenwriter: Furuya Kazunao, Shimada Ureha
  • Genres: Romance, Drama, Supernatural
  • Where to Watch Sumika Sumire

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    • Score: 7.5 (scored by 1,130 users)
    • Ranked: #3815
    • Popularity: #2483
    • Watchers: 3,422


    • Drama: Sumika Sumire
    • Country: Japan
    • Episodes: 8
    • Aired: Feb 5, 2016 – Mar 25, 2016
    • Aired On: Friday
    • Original Network: TV Asahi
    • Duration: 60 min.
    • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

    • Kiritani Mirei in Sumika Sumire Japanese Drama (2016)
      Kiritani Mirei

      Kisaragi Sumire

      Main Role

    • Matsuzaka Keiko in Sumika Sumire Japanese Drama (2016)
      Matsuzaka Keiko

      Kisaragi Sumi

      Main Role

    • Machida Keita in Sumika Sumire Japanese Drama (2016)
      Machida Keita

      Mashiro Yuusei

      Main Role

    • Oikawa Mitsuhiro in Sumika Sumire Japanese Drama (2016)
      Oikawa Mitsuhiro


      Main Role

    • Mizusawa Erena in Sumika Sumire Japanese Drama (2016)
      Mizusawa Erena

      Kousaka Arisa

      Support Role

    • Takahashi Hitomi in Sumika Sumire Japanese Drama (2016)
      Takahashi Hitomi

      Ogura Tomiko

      Support Role

    Sumika Sumire (2016) photo
    Sumika Sumire (2016) photo
    Sumika Sumire (2016) photo
    Sumika Sumire (2016) photo
    Sumika Sumire (2016) photo
    Sumika Sumire (2016) photo

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