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The story revolves around a young man Chow Kim Hung, who lost his mother when he was born. His mother was involved with two men at the same time, so it was not clear who was the biological father. The two men, Chow Wing and Chow Cheung Yau, raised Hung together as their own son. Hung eventually found work at a jewelry company and discovered a plot to defraud its owner. He became close to police detective Bik Wah and lawyer Siu Man. At the time, Siu Man was pursued by Hung’s friend and boss, Tin Wai. The relationship between the four of them became complicated.

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  • Native Title: 挑戰
  • Also Known As:
  • Genres: Business, Romance
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    • Tony Leung

      Chow Kim Hung

      Main Role

    • Ray Lui in The Rough Ride Hong Kong Drama (1985)
      Ray Lui

      Kong Tin Wai

      Main Role

    • Barbara Yung in The Rough Ride Hong Kong Drama (1985)
      Barbara Yung

      Tse Bik Wah

      Main Role

    • Barbara Chan in The Rough Ride Hong Kong Drama (1985)
      Barbara Chan

      Lam Siu

      Main Role

    • Lau Dan in The Rough Ride Hong Kong Drama (1985)
      Lau Dan

      Chow Wing [Kim Hung’s father]

      Main Role

    • Ha Yu in The Rough Ride Hong Kong Drama (1985)
      Ha Yu

      Chow Cheung Yau [Kim Hung’s father]

      Main Role


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    • Drama: The Rough Ride
    • Country: Hong Kong
    • Episodes: 40
    • Aired: Apr 22, 1985 – Jun 14, 1985
    • Original Network: TVB Jade
    • Duration: 45 min.
    • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

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