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“Guys and Girls” is the first youth sitcom in Korea. Three guys — Shin Dong Yeop, Song Seung Hun and Hong Kyung In; and three girls — Lee Ui Jung, Woo Hee Jin and Lee Jae Nee, live in the same university lodging house. Comedic adventures ensue as the group of six explores friendship and love. Lee Ui Jung, with her quirky hairstyle, is the star of the show as she leads the audience through her relationship with Song Seung Hun’s character.

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  • Native Title: 남자셋 여자셋
  • Also Known As: Guys and Girls , Guys & Girls , Three Men, Three Women , Namjaset Yeojaset , Namja Set Yeoja Set , 남자 셋 여자 셋
  • Screenwriter: Yang Hee Seung, Baek Sun Woo, Myung Soo Hyun
  • Director: Yoo Woon Hyuk, Kwon Ik Joon
  • Cast & Credits

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    • Song Seung Heon

      Song Seung heon

      Main Role

    • Lee Eui Jung in Three Guys and Three Girls Korean Drama (1996)
      Lee Eui Jung

      Le Eui Jung [ep.41-535]

      Main Role

    • Shin Dong Yup in Three Guys and Three Girls Korean Drama (1996)
      Shin Dong Yup

      Shin Dong Yeop [Ep. 1-238, 472-535]

      Main Role

    • Hong Kyung In in Three Guys and Three Girls Korean Drama (1996)
      Hong Kyung In

      Hong Kyung In

      Main Role

    • Woo Hee Jin in Three Guys and Three Girls Korean Drama (1996)
      Woo Hee Jin

      Woo Hee Jin [ep. 1-344, 472-535]

      Main Role

    • Chae Jung An in Three Guys and Three Girls Korean Drama (1996)
      Chae Jung An

      Chae Jung An [ep.1-40]

      Main Role


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    • Ranked: #56372
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    • Watchers: 135


    • Drama: Three Guys and Three Girls
    • Country: South Korea
    • Episodes: 617
    • Aired: Oct 21, 1996 – May 28, 1999
    • Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    • Original Network: MBC
    • Duration: 35 min.
    • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

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