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Triumph in the Skies II (2013) – Dramacool

The story of Triumph in the Skies 2 takes place roughly a few years after airline pilot captain Sam marries Zoe, a passenger service agent who was born with a severe heart condition. When Zoe dies, the introverted and mournful Sam resigns his position as pilot captain and spends a long vacation in England. There, he meets the heartbroken student pilot Holly, who convinces him to return to Hong Kong to join Skylette Airlines.

At Skylette, Sam meets Jayden, a boastful and womanizing captain-in-training whom Sam is in charge of examining. Their opposite personalities clash and their rivalry become even stronger when both of them develop a fondness for Holly.

Meanwhile, Sam’s younger brother Isaac meets aircraft maintenance technician Summer, Jayden’s cold and withdrawn younger sister. Summer bears a strong physical resemblance to Isaac’s deceased sister-in-law Zoe, and Isaac finds it hard to ignore her. An unfortunate experience in her childhood causes Summer to loathe her elder brother Jayden, but Isaac helps the pair patch up their relationship. Summer falls in love with Isaac, but Isaac does not want to remind Sam of his heartbroken past.

Isaac’s good friend, first officer pilot Roy is emotionally caught in relationships with two girlfriends. He confides to senior cabin crew leader Heather, whom he considers as his soul mate.

In a related story, Hong Kong national swimming team athlete Jim quits the team to earn a pilot license. He befriends the ground crew and pilots at Skylette Airlines, also falling in love with cabin crew leader Coco, now a pregnant surrogate mother.

  • Native Title: 衝上雲霄II
  • Also Known As: Chong Shang Yun Xiao II , Chung Seung Wan Siu II , 冲上云霄II , 衝上雲宵II
  • Genres: Romance, Drama
  • Tags: Pilot Male Lead, Tomboy Female Lead, Older Man/Younger Woman, Multiple Couples (Vote or add tags)
  • Cast & Credits

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    • Francis Ng

      Tong Yik Sum / “Samuel”

      Main Role

    • Julian Cheung in Triumph in the Skies II Hong Kong Drama (2013)
      Julian Cheung

      Koo Ha Yeung / “Jayden” / Captain Koo

      Main Role

    • Chen Fala in Triumph in the Skies II Hong Kong Drama (2013)
      Chen Fala

      Ho Nin Hei / “Holiday”

      Main Role

    • Myolie  Wu  in Triumph in the Skies II Hong Kong Drama (2013)
      Myolie Wu

      So Ji / “Zoe” | Koo Ha Sun / “Summer”

      Main Role

    • Ron Ng in Triumph in the Skies II Hong Kong Drama (2013)
      Ron Ng

      Tong Yik Fung / “Isaac”

      Support Role

    • Kenneth Ma in Triumph in the Skies II Hong Kong Drama (2013)
      Kenneth Ma

      Go Chi Wang / “Roy”

      Support Role


    • Score: 7.5 (scored by 347 users)
    • Ranked: #3670
    • Popularity: #6952
    • Watchers: 740


    • Drama: Triumph in the Skies II
    • Country: Hong Kong
    • Episodes: 43
    • Aired: Jul 15, 2013 – Sep 8, 2013
    • Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    • Original Network: TVB Jade
    • Duration: 45 min.
    • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

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