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As childhood playmates, Luo Zhi and Sheng Huai Nan were nearly inseparable. Growing up, they attended the same schools and participated in the same activities, but as time passed their friendship slowly faded. Through high school, Luo Zhi focused more on her studies than anything else, and Huai Nan became nothing more than a distant acquaintance. Yet secretly, her heart still longed for the boy who made her laugh, all those years ago.
Now in university, it is merely by coincidence that Luo Zhi and Huai Nan attend the same school. Though no longer a part of each other’s lives, Luo Zhi can’t seem to forget her long-lost friend. Every glimpse she catches of Huai Nan makes her heart race, but with their lives heading in such different directions, the connection between them seems to have all but disappeared. Pining for a boy she has loved for fifteen years, Luo Zhi is resigned to her fate, accepting the fact that her feelings for Huai Nan will remain unrequited forever. But Destiny, it would seem, has other plans.
Finding themselves unexpectedly thrown together during an excursion in Red Canyon Valley, Luo Zhi and Huai Nan’s old friendship is rekindled and soon sparks of love begin to fly. But the meddling of others makes things complicated and a series of misunderstandings threatens to ruin everything. Can these reunited friends overcome the challenges before them, or will their new-found love fade before it even has a chance to bloom?

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~~ Adapted from the novel “Unrequited Love” (暗戀·橘生淮南) by Ba Yue Chang An (八月長安).

  • Native Title: 暗恋橘生淮南
  • Also Known As: An Lian Ju Sheng Huai Nan , Secretly Love Tangerine Huainan , 暗恋·橘生淮南
  • Director: Li Mu Ge
  • Genres: Romance, Life, Youth, Drama
  • Where to Watch Unrequited Love

    Free (sub)

    Free (sub)

    HLBN 华录百纳
    HLBN 华录百纳

    Free (sub)


    • Score: 7.6 (scored by 1,908 users)
    • Ranked: #3245
    • Popularity: #1049
    • Watchers: 8,758


    • Drama: Unrequited Love
    • Country: China
    • Episodes: 38
    • Aired: Jan 20, 2021 – Feb 19, 2021
    • Aired On: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    • Original Network: Mango TV, Tencent Video
    • Duration: 45 min.
    • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

    • Hu Yi Tian in Unrequited Love Chinese Drama (2021)
      Hu Yi Tian

      Sheng Huai Nan

      Main Role

    • Hu Bing Qing in Unrequited Love Chinese Drama (2021)
      Hu Bing Qing

      Luo Zhi

      Main Role

    • Zhang Yi Jie in Unrequited Love Chinese Drama (2021)
      Zhang Yi Jie

      Zhang Ming Rui

      Main Role

    • Mikan Ryu in Unrequited Love Chinese Drama (2021)
      Mikan Ryu

      Jiang Bai Li

      Main Role

    • Liu Jia in Unrequited Love Chinese Drama (2021)
      Liu Jia

      Ye Zhan Yan

      Support Role

    • Deng Kai in Unrequited Love Chinese Drama (2021)
      Deng Kai

      Ge Bi

      Support Role

    Unrequited Love (2021) photo
    Unrequited Love (2021) photo
    Unrequited Love (2021) photo
    Unrequited Love (2021) photo
    Unrequited Love (2021) photo
    Unrequited Love (2021) photo

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