Is it right or wrong water drinking while eating?

Is it right or wrong to drink water in between while eating? Know the opinion of experts. You must have heard or read somewhere that one should not drink water in between while eating food. Many types of arguments are given about drinking water in between meals.

It is said that doing so harms health because there is a problem in digesting food. At the same time, some reports have denied this argument and said that drinking water with food cannot cause harm. In such a situation, it is important to know whether drinking water with food is right or wrong?

It is often said that one should not drink water half an hour before and after eating. By doing this, the saliva produced inside the mouth stops and this affects the digestion process. Also, the nutrients of food are not available. At the same time, reports believe that drinking water immediately after eating is harmful, but it is not wrong to drink a little water in between meals.

Many scientists have concluded through research that water can be drunk between meals. It does not affect your digestive system. It depends what is your diet plan. If you want to eat less, then you can have water before eating, this will make you eat and it will be easier to lose weight.

The same, in a fact check report by USA Today, it has been said along with the claim that drinking water with food is not harmful to your health. This report has been published after interaction and research with the experts.

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In a published report, Assistant Professor Michelle Picco of the College of Medicine has said that drinking water with food does not dilute the digestive juices. Water can be drunk with food, it will not cause any harm.

At the same time, experts also say that do not drink water immediately after eating food, it affects the digestion process. Always drink water at least half an hour after eating. If you do not drink water after eating, then the food gets digested easily and quickly.

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