How do you know if a watermelon is sweet without cutting it? Learn these 5 tips

How do you know if a watermelon is sweet without cutting it? Learn these 5 tips. When summer starts, we eat more cold things. Watermelon is no less than a boon for you in summer. Everyone likes to eat watermelon in summer. There are many benefits of eating watermelon.

Consuming watermelon in summer increases the water level in your body and reduces the risk of heatstroke. Many would know this reason, but those who do not know also like to eat watermelon.
But many times when we buy watermelon it tastes good from outside and we think it will turn red and sweet from inside but it is not so. In this we are often deceived.

So what are the precautions you should take while buying watermelon today so that your watermelon becomes red and sweet from inside or you do not get deceived by anyone. So let’s know.

  1. Stain on Watermelon
    Some watermelons have white spots, some have yellow spots and some have orange-yellow spots. When the watermelons are removed, they are kept in place. If possible, eat watermelon with yellow or orange yellow spots, it is very sweet.
  2. Trap on Watermelon
    This trap means that the fish has touched the flowers as many times as possible during the pollination process. More forged is sweet melon.
  3. Boy’s daughter
    You must be thinking what the hell this is. But let us understand how sweet watermelon is and the high water content in it. High melon means “boy”. It has high water content. Round melon means “girl”. It is so sweet.
  4. Size
    The size of the watermelon should not be too big or too small. Medium sized watermelon is sweet. Therefore, while taking watermelon, take only medium size.
  5. Stalk
    If the stalk is green then the watermelon is removed early i.e. before it is ripe. It is not very sweet, if the stalk is dry, it is a sweet melon, and it is fully ripe.
    So keep these things in mind while shopping for watermelon and enjoy it this summer.

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