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What appliances need a fused spur?

Fused spurs are commonly used as an alternative to a conventional socket, for the installation of powerful electrical appliances that can be installed without a plug, such as ovens, washing machines, electric heaters, dishwashers, fridges, and so on.


In respect to this, do you need a fused spur for a fridge?

1 – fused spurs are not required, most appliances just plug in. Isolation is achieved by removing the plug from the socket. Cookers and some ovens will require their own circuit.

do you need a fused spur for an electric fire? An electric fireplace is one of the appliances whose power rating does not permit you to plug into an ordinary wall socket. That is why a fused spur is the recommended way to go about this wiring process. There’s likelihood you‘re going to be tempted to just put a plug socket next to the fused spur on the wall.

Also know, what is a fused spur used for?

A Fused Spur Switch is commonly used for powerful electrical appliances, such as washing machines and dish washers that need to be installed without a plug; they are also used for electrical items that need to be installed on a separate cable from the ring main, for safety and maintenance purposes.

Can you run a spur off a spur?

And you need to be certain that any point that you intend to take a spur from is actually part of a ring and not a spur already. Spurring off spurs is a no – particularly in a kitchen where the loading on sockets will be higher than anywhere else in a house.


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