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What are some examples of items in the Columbian Exchange quizlet?

The Columbian Exchange was the exchange of plants, animal, and foods. This exchange had a positive and a negative effect. What plants did the Old World bring to the New World? The Old World broght over wheat, rice, coffee, horses, pigs, cows and chickens.


Similarly, it is asked, what are some examples of the Columbian Exchange?

Things from Europe include horses, smallpox, spices, sugar, apples, coffee, and bananas; things exchanged by the Americas include tomatoes, potatoes, chocolate (cocoa), cotton, and sunflowers.

what impact did the Columbian Exchange have on Europe quizlet? Terms in this set (5) The Europeans came to America with three intentions, gold, God and glory. The Europeans spread Christianity to Native Americans and did not adapt Native American beliefs. The Columbian Exchange’s main effect on the spread of religion was that it brought Christianity to the New World.

Also to know, what were the major elements of the Columbian Exchange?

Food products, livestock, and diseases are but three elements of the Columbian Exchange. As Columbus “discovered America” and Western Europe discovered the various economic opportunities available in the New World, agricultural exchanges between the two regions led to exchanges of other items.

What was beneficial about the Columbian Exchange quizlet?

The Columbian Exchange benefitted the Europeans by giving them new crops and land to make money off of. The global impact of the Columbian Exchange was beneficial to Europeans because they gained a surplus of staple crop, and became wealthy of cash crops and new land taken from the Native Americans.


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