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What are the characteristics of public sector?

The primary characteristics of public enterprises are: They function under the direct control of the government and some are even established under statutes and Companies Act. Therefore, public enterprises are autonomous or Semi-Autonomous in nature.


Accordingly, what are the features of the public sector?

Public Sector Enterprises – These are the businesses which are owned and controlled by the central or state government. 3. Service Motive – The major objective of such organizations is to provide services to the citizens of the country. 4.

Additionally, what are the characteristics of private sector? Their main characteristics are as under: (a) Private Ownership and Control: A private sector undertaking is fully owned and controlled by the private entrepreneurs. It may be owned by one individual or by a group of individuals jointly.

Simply so, what is public sector explain in detail their characteristics?

Public sector entities provide services that would generally not be provided by the private sector at the quantity, quality and price considered appropriate by public policy (for example, establishing and maintaining the legal system, national defence, providing public safety, education, health and transportation

What does the public sector do?

Definition: Definition: The public sector of an economy is the sector that provides a range of governmental services, including infrastructure, public transportation, public education, health care, police and military services.


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