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What are the common kinds of alkanes alkenes and alkynes and their uses?

Common alkanes include methane (natural gas), propane (heating and cooking fuel), butane (lighter fluid) and octane (automobile fuel). Alkenes have at least one double bond and alkynes have at least one triple bond. The most common alkyne is ethyne, better known as acetylene.


Also, what is the main use of alkenes?

Alkenes: Industrial Importance They are used as starting materials in the syntheses of alcohols, plastics, laquers, detergents, and fuels. The most important alkenes for the chemical industry are ethene, propene and 1,3-butadiene. Ethene is the most important organic feedstock in the chemical industry.

Furthermore, what are the uses of alkanes and alkenes? 1 Answer

  • Alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons which are formed by single bonding between the carbon atoms. They are mostly used for heating, cooking, and electricity generation.
  • Alkenes or unsaturated hydrocarbons are formed by double or triple bonding between carbon atoms.

Considering this, what are the 10 alkenes?

The following is a list of the first ten Alkenes:

  • Ethene (C2H4)
  • Propene (C3H6)
  • Butene (C4H8)
  • Pentene (C5H10)
  • Hexene (C6H12)
  • Heptene (C7H14)
  • Octene (C8H16)
  • Nonene (C9H18)

What are the differences between alkanes alkenes and alkynes?

1. Alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons; meaning a single bond between the carbon atoms; alkenes are unsaturated hydrocarbons meaning one or more double bonds between carbon atoms; alkynes are also unsaturated hydrocarbons with one or more triple bonds between the carbon atoms.


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