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What are the duties of SDO?

ADVERTISEMENTS: His ‘core’ role in both the types is the same. HE is ‘primarily … an inspecting, testing, and supervising officer, hearing appeals and trying cases. He moves about the villages and ascertains the villagers’ grievances and wants and gains experience.


Similarly, it is asked, what is the salary of SDO?

SDO Salary An SDO receives average salary of Rs. 23, 640/- per month excluding allowances and grades. It is an entry level salary for the newly recruited officer. After adding up the allowances and perks the salary is Rs.

Beside above, how can we become SDO? SDO stands for the Sub Divisional officer. If you want to become SDO, you need to appear for the State civil Services examination conducted by your state government. Candidate who have done bachelor’s degree can apply for the entrance exam and the age limit is 21-30 years for this entrance exam.

Keeping this in view, is SDO same as SDM?

SDM and SDO are same SDM stands for Sub Division Magistrate and SDO stands for Sub Division officer.

What is BDO and SDO?

The administrators for these units, respectively, are: Commissioner, District Magistrate (DM, also known as “the Collector”), Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO), Block Development Officer (BDO), and Mukhiya.


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