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What are the factors affecting density?

The 4 factors affecting the density of matter are its state of matter, air pressure, temperature and geometry of its molecules. The state of matter includes whether the body is solid, liquid or gas. Solids usually have higher density than liquids and gases.

Similarly, what are the factors that affect the density of water?

The two main factors that affect density of ocean water are the temperature of the water and the salinity of the water. The density of ocean water continuously increases with decreasing temperature until the water freezes.

Furthermore, what two factors are specified to measure density? the two factors responsible to be specified to measure density are mass and volume.

Besides, what causes density to increase or decrease?

Heating a substance causes molecules to speed up and spread slightly further apart, occupying a larger volume that results in a decrease in density. Cooling a substance causes molecules to slow down and get slightly closer together, occupying a smaller volume that results in an increase in density.

Does density increase with temperature?

Density changes with temperature because volume changes with temperature. Density is mass divided by volume. As you heat something up, the volume usually increases because the faster moving molecules are further apart. Since volume is in the denominator, increasing the volume decreases the density.


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