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What are the task domains of artificial intelligence?

Task Classification of AI

The domain of AI is classified into Formaltasks, Mundane tasks, and Expert tasks. Humanslearn mundane (ordinary) tasks since their birth. They learnby perception, speaking, using language, and locomotives. Theylearn Formal Tasks and Expert Tasks later, in thatorder.


Likewise, people ask, what is task domain?

Task Domains. Task domains helps supporttask development. The idea is same “taskdefinition” can be implemented in different“domains”. A domain is some arbitraryname that the developer controls.

Furthermore, what is formal task? Common sense, reasoning and planning are the commoncharacteristics of these tasks. Formal tasks – arethe ones where there is an application of formal logic, somelearning etc.

Subsequently, question is, what are the research areas in artificial intelligence?

FeedForward and Feedback are the two types ofartificial neural network topologies. Expert System is agood area for research in artificialintelligence. Expert Systems solve complex computationalproblems. The main components of an expert system are KnowledgeBase, Inference Engine, and User Interface.

What is an AI technique?

AI techniques is an organized way and method touse the knowledge derived such that it can be easily modified tocorrect errors, or useful in several circumstances. AItechniques are models made from advanced forms of a statisticaland mathematical model.


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