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What causes lattice degeneration of the retina?

Lattice degeneration is located at the edge of the retina and is associated with abnormally strong adhesions between the retina and the vitreous gel that fills the eye. These adhesions represent the chief clinical danger of this disease because of their ability to lead to retinal tears and detachment after PVD.

Likewise, what does it mean if I have lattice degeneration?

Lattice degeneration is a disease of the human eye wherein the peripheral retina becomes atrophic in a lattice pattern and may develop tears, breaks, or holes, which may further progress to retinal detachment. It is an important cause of retinal detachment in young myopic individuals.

Beside above, is there a cure for lattice degeneration? There is no prevention or cure for lattice degeneration. Symptoms and Diagnostic Testing: Lattice degeneration itself does not cause symptoms, so the only way to diagnose the condition is with a dilated fundus examination by an eye care provider.

In this way, can you go blind from lattice degeneration?

Lattice degeneration can increase your risk of developing a retinal detachment. Although rare, a retinal detachment is a very serious problem that can lead to permanent vision loss and blindness.

Should I worry about lattice degeneration?

Alone, lattice degeneration does not cause blurry vision. What symptoms should I worry about? Alone, lattice degeneration will cause no changes in your vision, but it increases the risk of a retinal tear or detachment. Always see an eye care professional immediately for a dilated eye exam if these symptoms occur.


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